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Millwall's and their money men

Article by Jack Roberts

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I've been making very weird comparisons recently, but this one is perfect! Now what does a very sunny place In the USA and an arguably very dull and rainy place in the south of London have in common? Very tight people live and head businesses there. John Berylson of Millwall and the next door neighbour in Florida Jack, Both very tight people.

The lack of transfer activity down The Den has been very frightening, imagine how Harris must feel. Three signings, left back Joe Martin, goalkeeper Jordan Archer and defender Tony Craig, all on a FREE! But then we was meant to sign James Hanson and that went on the highway to nowhere because JB wasn't willing to pay 400k. There's no surprises when that happens. The press say Parkinson talked him into staying, but we somehow don't believe that one.

Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful for what the man has done, but ultimately he is tight and stubborn with money. If you don't spend then you are preparing for failure and with any business this is unacceptable. If you're not willing to spend then I am sorry, but what are you owning a football club for? An example of not spending was when we had Chris Wood on loan in 2012 and were 6th in the league coming up to the January transfer window. One, we did not buy Chris wood, two, we let our second best striker, Darius Henderson go and three, he did not spend!

We ended up finishing the season just escaping relegation because of the Palace winning 3-2 over Peterborough, because we lost 1-0 to a late Conor Sammon goal for Derby and also because, for the last bit if the season, we had Dany N’ Guessan upfront, but I shall not dwell on that. For the sake of that 2-2 draw with Bromley and the fact we have a bare squad, please spend John because we really are already too low and in League One a squad of 18 will just not do.

Whilst we all want and respect the philosophy of bringing the kids through and we have the up most belief in them, you just cannot rely on them all the time! what if they struggle or what if they simply get injured? What then happens then if we don't have a big enough squad? Then we will be waving goodbye to the yellow brick road and staring down the barrel into the abyss of the dreaded relegation zone again. Then we panic and sign a 33 year old has been on loan from a Championship clubs reserve team, its happened before and it will again. We need a COMPETITIVE squad and not a squad full of players that are there because that's all we can find - that's Blackpool’s job.

Ultimately this league will be weak this season but that doesn't mean we cannot spend, we spend a bare minimum on transfers but a club record on wages for the past 2/3 seasons, for what? To get out of the league the wrong way. Now who knows, we could have some decent money signing lined up, but I wouldn't hold my breath because we’ll all be doing it for another 2/3 years until the club realises money = success.

I am aware of the ridiculous FFP rules and I don't wish for the club to spend over our means just to buy players that could end up with us not being promoted, but Look at Bournemouth and Brentford, both smaller clubs but they spent and look what happened with them! One finishing champions of the league and the other finishes 4th. So please don't be a typical American John, spend your money.

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  1. You're talking out of your arse. Hanson said in an interview he was all set to join us but a last minute heart to heart stopped him joining. Chris Wood chose Leicester over us as he felt it was a better move, we had a bid accepted and offered higher wages than Leicester but went there as they were a bigger team. Didn't read rest of page so not sure what other bullshit you spouted but you should research your stories and not guess cause you end up looking like a right prick.

  2. We did not offer more wages than Leicester for wood. He was on 25k per week there. That's why he went there and because they had a better chance of promotion. So your wrong on that one mr anonymous.


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