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Fabregas to Manchester United?

Article by e-Manchester United's Lee Ellis

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So the transfer rumours are well and truly doing their rounds, and one of the more popular ones at the moment seems to be regarding the future of Cesc Fabregas.

Manchester United are in desperate need of a world class midfielder, if we are being honest probably a few! Fabregas is the type of player we should be aiming for. But would he join United?

Last year our rather open pursuit of Cesc, ended in us looking desperate, when he came out reiterating the fact he was happy on more than one occasion. Yet we tabled a further two bids. An un-realistic transfer? Last season yes, this season maybe not?

If the stories we are reading are correct, then Fabregas will be allowed to leave the Catalan club this summer for a suggested fee of around £30 million. A fee that we can certainly afford, given the supposed "war chest" we have at our disposal.

Cast your mind back to November 2007 when Fabregas was an Arsenal player...

"I think Manchester United are different to everybody else. I love the way they play, they are a great side. I always watch them play and they are the only team I really like watching in England every week."

"Old Trafford is a great stadium. When you play there you always have a feeling that you are a footballer and it is a big game. For me, I hope to stay here [Arsenal] for all my life but in football you never know and Man United I like."

Well if that's not a come and get me plea, then I don't know what is! Clutching at straws perhaps? Maybe! Come on Louis, sign him up!!!!

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  1. Lee, there's one big factor you forgot to mention - Sir Alex Ferguson!
    Back then Man United were a European force under the best manager ever, and that factor made Fabregas's mind last season when he the Scotsman was no longer the boss!

  2. Not to mention we also had Ronaldo, Roondy, Tevez and to legends called Giggs and Paul Scholes! Now we have Carrick, Cleverly, Fletcher, Anderson and Fellaini in midfield, while on the wings we have Young and Nani - Lol!!

  3. As a Manchester United Fan i dont want to seem cocky but Fabregas'inclusion into the red devils squad could be a huge mistake.For all the years I have seen Fabregas playing,He doesnt exactly fit into the category of a manchester United player.What we need at the moment is versatility,Vigour,Dynamicsm(if such a word exists) not a player who has specialised in kicking the ball around in the name of ticki tacka,Furthermore,the likes of Shinji Kagawa,Wayne Rooney,Juan Mata can very well play the role that Fabregas plays.So,Van Gaal should instead look elsewhere:60 million for Paul Pogba is much better than 40 million For the Spaniard


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