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Sunderland need to get on track after week to forget

Swansea arrive at the Stadium of light on Saturday no doubt buoyed by a terrific performance in the road against Chelsea a fortnight ago and I am sure Gary monk’s men and their supporters smell blood.

Article by Jon Guy

Dick Advocaat’s Black Cats on the other hand are still licking their wounds from let’s face it two abject performances, which has produced no points and provided the media with a field day of stories on the crisis that is rapidly brewing.

Crisis meetings, players seeking to engineer moves away, discontent both from the playing staff an seemingly Advocaat himself coupled with reports that agents offering players to the club have been told Sunderland have no money to spend have does nothing to soothe the dismay in the stands.

To be fair the players are naturally making the right noises saying they are working hard to rectify the issues that were all too apparent in the opening two games.

I am loathe to say it cannot get any worse as a few seasons ago a work colleague of mine took me to see the Lads play Su8nderland and they promptly put five past us. The following season he invited me again and asked me what I thought of our prospects that afternoon. I replied it could not get any worse and Chelsea promptly put seven past us, and given the eight Southampton put past us last season there is plenty that could or can go wrong in the current climate.

Advocaat is hugely experienced and I am sure he will have been working hard with the squad on how he wants to deal with the threat of Swansea and exploit any weaknesses the scouting team have highlighted. However it cannot help if you do not know exactly who will be with the team on Saturday as the transfer merry-go-round continues.

I am sure the accent will be on beefing up the back line and ensuring that we keep a clean sheet and are a lot harder to break down.

Achieve that and you have a platform on which to build and a piece of magic by Lens, Defoe or Fletcher could then provide a much needed three points and suddenly things do not look so bleak.

I will stick my neck out and say we will make home advantage count defend like our lives depended on it and grab a win. However, if offered today I’d take a draw.

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