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Leave off Bilic – He’ll lead us to European Football

Although I was disappointed to see us throw a lead away against a team rooted to the foot of the Premier League table on Saturday, I was absolutely stunned to see some ‘supporters’ on various media outlets venting their frustration fully in the direction of manager Slaven Bilic, with some already calling for his head!

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Article by Tom Burford

I couldn’t believe some of the things I was reading! Not to give them any publicity at all, but there has already been a ‘Bilic Out’ twitter page set-up. Needless to say there are only 18 followers since its inception, with the first #BilicOuthashtag appearing on 23rd July, well before the league season started…… #delusional.

As much as I berated Big Sam’s comments about our ‘deluded’ fans, I think in instances like this, he has a point, and Super Slaven Bilic deserves a hell of a lot more credit!

I’m pleased to say that this view is not shared by the vast majority of supporters who understand the game of football, and those are all fully aware that during this win-less period of games, West Ham have demonstrated that with everyone fit we are a match for anybody going forward whilst also showing true grit to grind out some important results with an ever lengthening injury list.

As much as I love West Ham and will always stick up for them, I’ll be the first to admit that despite some long awaited depth in our squad, the XI currently starting would not 100% guarantee us safety if they we’re our strongest team available, so to still be in relative touching distance of the European places is a credit to them.

We’ve added quality in various attacking areas making us a very dangerous side to play against. The evidence was plain to see in the early part of the campaign.

But the current starting XI don’t contain that level of attacking flair, so they need to play to their defensive strengths.

Many will point to the fact we haven’t won a game since October, but I’d like to highlight that we’ve only lost 1 of our last 6 with our 6 strongest players unavailable for selection.

By keeping in touch with those European places, we’re poised to make a big impact on the league after the return of the stars that produced a series of fine results and attacking displays against the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

This season was always going to be about transition, and everybody knows the only serious aim this season was to make sure we’re playing top flight football in the Olympic Stadium next season.

I think we can all agree, there’s no danger of that not happening.

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